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Men's Road Bike Shoes

Men's Road Bike Shoes

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50In the market for new men’s road bike shoes or men’s cycling shoes? Take a look at some top end biking shoes from Exustar and Serfas, ranging from $45 all the way up to over $200. Our hand picked selection of men’s road bike shoes is second to none, as we are avid cyclers we have chosen some of the top brands for our inventory.

The plus side is that you can ride a bike in almost any type of shoes, but for the regular rider, you can benefit from shoes specifically designed for cycling.

Bike shoes are designed with stiffer soles to provide more efficient power as you pedal. A majority of time cycling shoes are paired with a compatible pedal to hold your feet securely as you cycle.

Men’s Road Bike ShoesMen’s Road Bike Shoes

Virtually all road bike shoes offer lightweight construction, smooth outsoles and good ventilation. They are distinguished by their exceptionally stiff soles to facilitate power transfer to your pedals.

Men’s Road bike shoes are not designed for extended walking due to their lack of traction on the sole and their inability to flex.

As you look at higher-priced models, materials such as carbon fiber are used to further decrease weight and increase sole rigidity, and fit systems allow greater customization. On many styles, a small rubber pad on the heel provides the only traction.

One notable road-cycling niche is triathlon-specific footwear. “Tri shoes” are built for race performance with maximum energy transfer and simplified foot entry/exit for transitions on and off your bike.

Men’s Road Bike Shoes Sizing
Choose bike shoes that fit comfortably from the get-go. Due to their stiff soles, shoes that are not comfortable initially have little chance to break in and become so later. All shoes should allow your toes enough room to wiggle slightly. Your arch should be snug and supported and your heel should not slide up and down.

When trying on bike shoes, you may feel some slippage in your heel when you walk. This is due to stiffness of the soles, which is designed to support your foot in a stable position while cycling. If you feel that a poor fit is causing the slippage, try a smaller size or a different shoe model.

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