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Women's Cycling Socks

Women's Cycling Socks

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50All You Need to Know About Women’s Cycling Socks

Women are usually very particular when they choose their cycling apparel. They pick clothes are don’t just look great, but are also very comfortable during the ride. However, ay eCycling Store, we’ve observed that our clients often neglect to purchase women’s cycling socks. We can only assume that they wear normal department store cotton or woolen socks when they ride but that can’t be comfortable.

The Benefits of Women’s Cycling Socks

You sweat a lot when you ride a bike, especially when you’re peddling hard and traveling over a considerable distance. Normal socks will soak up the sweat and moisture and stay wet, which can be very uncomfortable. Here are some reasons why you should purchase cycling socks:

Fit – These socks have a very snug fit and will cling to your feet. The band fits snugly around the ankles and ensures that dirt doesn’t get inside the socks.

Cleaning – The women’s cycling socks are very easy to clean. Normal socks are thick and retain moisture and odors so they aren’t easy to clean. Cycling socks are made from special fabrics so no matter how dirty they are and how filthy they smell, one wash would clean them.

Stretch – Normal woolen and cotton socks will stretch and become loose in just a few wears and washes. However, that’s not the case with women’s cycling socks. They stay tight and elastic for a very long time so you don’t have to repurchase them often.

Dry –Cycling socks dry very quickly because of their moisture wicking properties. In fact, you can expect them to remain dry during your ride. After you wash them, you can expect them to dry within an hour if the weather is warm and sunny.

Length –Women’s cycling socks have proper length. They’re not long enough to get entangled in the chain and gears of the bike and they’re not short enough to slip and move around.
Seasons – You get socks for different seasons to ensure your feet are comfortable at all times. For summer riding, you can purchase summer cycling socks that are light-weight and breathable. For winters, you can purchase thicker and moisture wicking socks that would keep your feet warm.
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