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Road Bike Jersey

Road Bike Jerseys

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50Your road bike jersey isn’t as inexpensive as your normal store-bought t-shirt. They are made from technical, high-quality fabrics and offer a wide range of protection against sweat, moisture, sun, and wind. If you just toss them into the washer without a care, you’ll damage them or wear them out before their time. At eCycling Store, we suggest that you follow the steps listed below to properly care for your bike jerseys.

Wash Separately -Your road bike jersey is made from a specialized fabric that comes with different wash care instructions. You shouldn’t wash it with your regular clothes. They need a gentle wash setting and wouldn’t tolerate harsh spin cycles like your t-shirts and jeans do.

Zip Them-You don’t want to compromise the integrity of your jerseys and that can happen if you don’t zip them before you toss them into the washer. When you zip them, you reduce the length of the fabric and that ensures the jersey isn’t tangled up in other clothes and pulled in different directions. This also ensures that the zippers won’t damage other clothes or become damaged by the spin.

Settings-As we mentioned before, a road bike jersey would require gentle setting. That means you need to place the washer at cold water and delicate spin cycle setting. Hot water can be hard on the fabric and stress the fibers. Cold water will wash efficiently but won’t damage the mesh panels and delicate performance fibers.

Pre-Wash and Post-Wash Rinse– A road bike jersey will smell horrible after a good cycling session, thanks to your body odor and sweat. If you place the jersey directly in the washer, you might not get rid of this odor completely. A good way to ensure your jersey smells fresh is to pre-wash it. This will remove some of the odor and the wash cycle will handle the rest.

After the wash is done, give your jersey another rinse to remove all excess detergent and residue. Soap can make the fibers stiff and fragile and that can shorten the life of your jersey.

After the jersey is washed, don’t place it in the dryer. You’ll extend the life of the jersey and remove any residual odors if you dry the shirt in the sun and air. If you want to know more about road bike jersey, please browse our online selection!

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