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Cycling shorts are an important part of a cycling outfit. At, we carry a wide selection of gel, thing padded bicycle shorts, and road bicycle shorts.

When choosing road cycling shorts, you should choose based on the quality of materials and construction, but more importantly how well they conform to your unique anatomy. Often times we find that a relatively inexpensive pair may work better than spending a lot of money on high end cycling shorts.

It can be very difficult to recommend the exact pair of cycling shorts for each individual primarily due to the wide variety of differences in each of our bodies. Whether it’s in the crotch, butts, types of seats, riding positions, we recommend following the manufacturers size charts in finding the correct cycling shorts for yourself.

Panels -

Bike shorts are often sold as 6 panel or 8 panel shorts. Many cycling shorts have brands, logos, or cool designs printed all over the garment to support sponsors, events or a cause.

Inseam -

The length of the leg's inseam is a matter of personal preference. We think the short should be a few inches above the knee for most people. Some want a shorter short to avoid tan lines. Biking shorts come in Tall (about 11 inches), Short (about 5 to 7) and Regular Inseams (about 8-9 inches).

Elastics -

Waist elastic is important to keep the shorts in place. Some cycle shorts have a drawstring, especially shorts for multiple uses like triathlon and fitness. A drawstring is not essential for road shorts, but may come in handy.


Cycling shorts typically fit tight with the padding close to the skin to help prevent further injuries in case of a cycling accident. Baggy cycling shorts aren’t typically recommended and when looking at the size chart and choosing your cycling shorts, you should be able to fit in to the size according to the manufacturers size chart. If you like your cycling shorts a bit baggy, no problem, just go up a size!
When choosing cycling shorts consider yourself lucky as back in the 1900s these were made of wool and offered very little flexibility. Nowadays with the advances in fabric technology there are lots of highly flexible and durable fabrics out of which cycling shorts are manufactured. Cycling shorts will be fitted with panels and depending on the design will vary in comfort. In general the more panels the better. Some cycling shorts are more lightweight depending on the fabric combination while some will include rubber leg grippers.
We carry Men’s Cycling Shorts, Women’s Cycling Shorts, Women’s Lycra Shorts, Men’s Mountain bike Shorts, Women’s Mountain Bike shorts, and much more!
Cycling Shorts Tips and Guidelines


As with any type of sport clothing, generally the more expensive, the higher the quality. Our cycling shorts match quality with an awesome price point! You need to avoid cheap road bike shorts as the material may be substandard. We pride ourselves in picking the highest quality road bike shorts on the market.


There are 6 panel and 8 panel cycling shorts. Typically, 8 panel shorts conform to your body better than those made from fewer pieces. Our cycling shorts use flat seam stitching so additional panels won’t results in uncomfortable abrasions.

Waist length.

Proper cycling shorts are cut high in back to keep skin covered in the bent-over riding position. Likewise, they are low in front so you can bend forward without restriction. The front shouldn't be so low, though, that it's below your hip bones with nothing to help hold it up.

Waist band.

The elastic should be wide enough that it doesn't feel like a cord around your middle. Some manufacturers add a drawstring. Just elastic is fine. Just a drawstring is not. If that's the only thing keeping shorts in place, you'll feel restricted in certain positions or when breathing deeply.

Leg Grippers

While cycling, nothing can be more frustrating than your cycling shorts riding up in a bunch in the crotch area. Make sure the leg grippers are made of a “sticky” rubber-like material and securely sewn in. The legs while cycling should be comfortable, not overly tight.


Most shorts are made of a stretchy fabric generically called spandex. The idea is to provide help to your pedal stroke. The fabric "stores" kinetic energy on the rear part of the stroke and releases it when you push down.

Overall fit.

In general, when purchasing and wearing cycling shorts, the tighter the better, but you don’t want to restrict yourself too much and create an uncomfortable cycling experience.
There is another type of padded bicycling shorts called bib shorts, and sometimes riders prefer these over traditional shorts. They feature suspenders that go over the shoulders, and a flat panel in back. One of the big advantages of these is that there is no waist band in them. If a waist band becomes uncomfortable on long rides, these can be a good alternative to help provide riders with extra comfort.
Road Bike Shorts are designed for comfort, speed, and performance.

• Constructed of Lycra. This amazing material will hug the skin and move with it. This helps provide support to your muscles, gives the wind less resistance, and moves easily with your body.
• Have no pockets. That’s what a jersey is for.
• Incorporate a padded liner in the crotch. On a road bike you spend a lot of time on a saddle. Prepare for it.
• If you’re a beginning rider, check our 6 Panel GEL Padded Bicycle Shorts or our Formaggio Flatseam 6-Panel Lycra Cycling Shorts. Are you more experienced or demanding? Our Formaggio Flatseam 10-Panel Lycra Cycling Shorts are an unbeatable deal.

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