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Believe it or not, but the first thing you should take into consideration is the fabric. In most cases you’ll find that cycling jerseys are made out of some variation of polyester. While you might be inclined to resist polyester and go with something like cotton, you’ll actually be sorry you did. Cotton can be extremely uncomfortable. It soaks up moisture (sweat) and keeps it near your body while riding. Polyester fabrics provide breathability and help to wick or pull the moisture away from your body so you don’t feel cold and wet as you are cycling.

At eCyclingStore, our long-sleeve, Ecycle dri-release (r) Wool Jersey is made of 88% Polyester and 12% Wool. It is a comfortable, non-itchy fabric that performs similarly to dri-release cotton, but also claims wool's thermal properties.Dri-release wool is lightweight and just as insulating as pure wool. Perspiration is carried away from the body through the fabric to evaporate quickly on the outer surface. 14" zipper. Elastic waist and cuffs to keep it all in place. Three rear pockets for storage. Easy care instructions.