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Bike Shorts for All Occassions

Road Bike Shorts are designed for comfort, speed, and performance.

  • Constructed of Lycra.  This amazing material will hug the skin and move with it.  This helps provide support to your muscles, gives the wind less resistance, and moves easily with your body.
  • Have no pockets.  That’s what a jersey is for.
  • Incorporate a padded liner in the crotch.  On a road bike you spend a lot of time on a saddle.  Prepare for it.

If you’re a beginning rider, check our 6 Panel GEL Padded Bicycle Shorts or our Formaggio Flatseam 6-Panel Lycra Cycling Shorts.  Are you more experienced or demanding? Our Formaggio Flatseam 10-Panel Lycra Cycling Shorts are an unbeatable deal.

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 Mountain Bike Shorts are designed for comfort, toughness, and cargo.

  • Typically constructed of a Lycra inner short that supports your muscles and keeps the padded liner in the right place,
  • And an outer short that protects you from the abuse of the trail and gives you a place to carry snacks, keys, spare tools, and whatever the wilderness (or the suburban bike trail) might demand

If you’re a beginning rider, check out our Ecycling MTB Shorts, which are available in a standard and a cargo MTB short version.  More accomplished and ambitious riders probably will need something like our Outlaw Bullet Mountain Bike shorts.

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