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Cycling Jerseys for Men

Cycling Jerseys for Men

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50At eCycling Store, we have a large collection of products for you to choose from so we have something for everyone. A large collection of cycling jerseys for men can be confusing so here are some tips that would help you choose.

The Color and Design Preference – Some bike jerseys are very flashy and bright with neon colors; while this helps increase visibility, they don’t always suit people’s design preference. Before you purchase bike jerseys as a gift for your friend or partner, be sure you understand their taste and preference. We have a collection of solid colored jerseys that would suit everyone’s taste and not stand out. Colors like black, brown, and gray are safe gifting choices so they’re a great option for you.

Fit – Cycling jerseys for men come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them can cling to the body like a second skin. while others are looser. Professional and experienced cyclists usually prefer fitted jerseys because there’s less drag and the fabric doesn’t move with the wind as much.

However, not everyone is comfortable with fitted jerseys and would prefer something that gives them a little more room. The best way to determine what your loved one would prefer is to look at their existing bike jerseys or biking clothes. If they regularly wear loose clothing, you should consider getting a loose biking jersey.

Budget – Some cycling jerseys for men are more expensive than others so it’s a good idea to determine the budget before you shop. Jerseys manufactured by branded companies and made from highly technical fabrics are generally more expensive in comparison to those made by smaller brands. If you really want to splurge, you should choose something that offers UV protection and good moisture wicking properties as your loved one would really appreciate it.

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