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Cycling Jerseys for Men

Cycling Jerseys for Men

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50How to Choose the Best Summer Cycling Jerseys for Men

Summer is here and the temperatures are soaring, which can make biking very uncomfortable if you don’t have the right gear with you. At eCycling Store, we recommend that you focus on clothes first. Biking is a very intense exercise; your body will always produce excessive heat and sweat during the process and the high temperature will only add to it. If you want to stay comfortable and not overheat, you need good cycling jerseys for men. Here are some tips to make the right choice:

Cotton Doesn’t Work

Most people assume that cotton is the best material for the summer; and in some ways, it is. But if you plan to indulge in intensive physical activity, this isn’t the best material for you. Cotton will soak up and hold onto sweat rather than let it evaporate. This isn’t comfortable and you’ll feel sticky and chilled after you’ve finished your ride. Cycling jerseys for men are made from specialized moisture-wicking materials and these technical fabrics are ideal for summer. They’re breathable and will wick sweat, which is absolutely essential in this season.

Sun Protection

You might not realize this, but the sun’s rays can penetrate the fabric of your shirt and cause sunburn. You need to cover your entire body with high SPF sunscreen before you venture out to bike during the summer. Some jerseys offer a measure of protection against the sun. Light-weight fabrics with a loose weave might feel comfortable in the heat, but they can allow the UVA and UVB rays to penetrate the fabric and cause sunburn. You need to purchase cycling jerseys for men that have SPF and UPF-protection rating.

The Fit

Many new bike riders aren’t comfortable in tight fitting cycling jerseys for men, especially if they’re body conscious. Fortunately, not all biking jerseys are tight fitting. If you plan to bike professionally, you might want to purchase jerseys that stay flush to your skin because they would give you an aerodynamic advantage. However, if you don’t intent to compete, you can pick a looser fitting fabric. No matter what the fit is, it will be comfortable to wear during the summer,

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