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Cycle Jersey

Cycle Jersey

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50Many amateur cyclists are reluctant to spend money on cycle jersey because they believe that a normal t-shirt can be a good enough replacement for it. In fact, some people consider those who wear cycle jerseys for exercise to be pretentious. Unless you’ve worn a jersey on a ride, you won’t be able to tell the difference and that can influence your decision. At eCycling Store, we always advise our customers to give cycling jerseys a try. Here are some cycle jersey characteristics that you won’t find in normal t-shirts.

The Cut and Design -You might’ve noticed that a cycle jersey has a very distinctive cut and design. They are constructed specifically for bike riders and take their needs into account. Riders have to bend towards the handle bar to reduce drag and be comfortable. When they do so, their lower back is exposed to the elements and can easily become sun-burnt or cold. That’s not comfortable for the rider so the cycle jerseys have a longer back to cover the tailbone area.

The Length -One would argue that if riders want to cover their lower back, they should just wear a longer shirt, but that has its disadvantages. In order to cover the lower back adequately, the shirts would have to extend beyond the hips. That would restrict movement and make the ride uncomfortable for the rider. It’s vital to keep the length of the shirt short and keep it above the hips. A cycle jersey has the ideal length for the purpose.

The Fabric -A bicycle jersey is usually made from man-made technical fabrics that work well to keep your body cool. Cycling is an intense cardio exercise and can increase your body’s temperature quite a bit. Your body’s response to this is to sweat in order to cool down and if you don’t wear breathable fabrics, the heat and sweat would be trapped underneath the jersey. This would make the riding experience very uncomfortable for you. Experienced cyclists always recommend a cycle jersey, especially for long rides in warmer temperatures.

The Storage -Where would you store your mobile phone, keys, wallet, and other such essentials when you’re out on a ride? Cycle jerseys have zipped pockets with enough space to hold all of these items securely so you don’t have to worry about them falling or being damaged.

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