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Bike Shirts

Bike Shirts

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50It’s summer time and the weather is ideal for cycling and exercise, especially if you’re adequately prepared for the sun and heat. When you cycle, your heart-rate picks up and core body temperature rises. It’s vital to control your overall body temperature and hydrate yourself regularly, especially if you intend to ride for a long stretch of time. One way to do this is to wear bike shirts that are ideally suited for the temperature. At eCycling Store, we’ve put together a brief guide that would help you understand how you need to dress for different temperatures.

90°F and Above

Most people wouldn’t risk riding a bike in these temperatures because it’s very easy to dehydrate and overheat. However, if you really want you, you need to wear a short-sleeved mesh fabric technical jersey to maintain the body’s temperature. If you get sun burned easily, you should wear long-sleeved bike shirts to cover your forearms. You should also slather sunscreen generously onto your back, arms, and legs to ensure your skin is protected.

70°F and Above

This is an ideal temperature for cycling and if you take care to hydrate and wear proper gear, you’ll be able to enjoy the entire experience better. The best clothes for this temperature are shorts and a short-sleeved jersey. Again, good summer bike shirts would be ideal for this because the fabric is specifically designed to allow sweat evaporation and that would help keep your body cool.

60°F and Above

Here you need to start finding ways to keep yourself warm. While your core temperature would ensure you don’t feel the chill in the air, your arms will be exposed if you wear short-sleeves and that can be risky. A light mesh full-sleeved jersey is perfect for this weather and would work to keep you warm. The fabric will also allow sweat to pass through and evaporate.

50°F and Below

If the temperature drops below 50, you need heavier protection. Bear in mind that even in winter, you’ll sweat during exercise so you do need moisture-wicking and breathability in your bike shirts. When the temperature drops, you need heavy long-sleeved jerseys and leg warmers on top of a short-sleeved jersey with good moisture wicking properties for sweat evaporation.

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