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What to Look for in Bicycle Jackets When the Temperatures Drop

picture of snowed in bikes to illustrate bicycle jacket buying tipsUse this bullet-point list to refine your bicycle jacket buying decisions.

  • Choose light, very bright colors, neon if you can.  You want to be highly visible to motorists on those short winter days.
  • A bright color is no substitute for for plenty of reflective striping.  Make sure the striping is visible not just from behind, but from the sides and even the front.  This one is a no-brainer, you can never get enough visibility.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re riding at night either; light can be low on winter days and in bad weather, and often cars will drive with their lights on even during the day.
  • Full length zipper with draft flap.— Don’t you hate messing with pullovers? You don’t’ have to with these. Easy on easy off. A draft flap is merely an extension of the fabric that covers the front of the zipper; it makes it so no wind can sneak though the zipper.
  • Tall collar – Keeps your neck warm. Cause what good is it if your body is warm but your neck is cold?  And remember that cycling you’ll be bent forward over the bars, so the collar should not be too loose, otherwise it will just catch the cold wind and funnel it down your spine.   Brrrrr.
  • Elastic waist and cuffs – Ever have a article of clothing ride up or down? Nobody wants to keep adjusting while riding. Well the elastic helps keep the jacket in place so you can keep your focus.
  • Rear zippered stash pocket also allows for the jacket to be folded into itself for easy storing with waist attachments. – What if I get too hot? What do I do with the jacket?  Well just stuff it into itself and wrap it around your waist. Its like its not even there.
  • Here’s one that riders don’t think of when they buy that sale-priced Costco jacket instead of a real cycling windbreaker:  the jacket arms on a cycling jacket are cut a little bit longer than normal jackets – This is so when you are in the saddle with your arms extended the arms don’t ride up.  Hey, your wrists need to be cozy too

neon yellow cycling windbreakerTake a look through our current selection of jackets and get the most features your budget will afford.  Better to scrimp on video rentals and be warm during your rider.


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