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Affordable Women's Cycling Shorts

Affordable Women's Cycling Shorts

Snap 2018 01 25 at 09.26.50Are you looking for affordable women’s cycling shorts that have high quality? Here at, we carry a wide selection of affordable women’s cycling shorts at amazing prices, without giving up on quality.

As your looking for affordable women’s cycling shorts, you might want to consider a padded underwear short that will cushion your ride. We also carry several long distance pads in a variety of densities or gel withthe chamois, primarily suited for road riders or those who want extra comfort.

Our ECyclingStore collection of affordable women’s bike shorts are available in a variety of styles so that you can find your favorite pair. Our women’s cycling shorts are available in regular and tall sizes, and are made from quick-drying fabrics that wick moisture from the skin. They are designed to prevent chaffing during long cycling trips. Search our selection of women’s cycling shorts to find the perfect pair!

The best part about women’s cycling shorts is that they come in all styles and fashions, from basic spandex shorts, to casual, to capris and even skorts, a cycling skirt with shorts beneath. From basic black cycling shorts, to logo print shorts that show your style, our wide selection of affordable cycling shorts will give you the opportunity to find the perfect cycling outfit.

Because womens cycling shorts are so comfortable, body hugging spandex (Lycra) are among the most popular. The designs and inseam lengths provide excellent freedom of movement, muscle support and usually padding as well.

Depending on how upright or leaned over you sit, how far you ride, what types of riding you do and even the seat, you will prefer some types of padding more than others.

When it comes to waistbands, women’s shorts are moving away from the drawstrings of old, and toward wide-banded elastic, grippers (wide versions of a leg gripper) or contoured Lycra panels, sometimes wider than 3 inches. These feel great and keep the shorts in place without the constriction of a tight waistband or drawstring.

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